Holiday Swag Watch: Day Two

The Gifts Continue to Pour In

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NEW YORK ( -- Only four more shopping days and you're still not done? Never fear, holiday swag is here. Here at Advertising Age's MediaWorks, we've been busily unwrapping and determining which of the corporate gifts we get might fill the bill for various aunts, cousins, nephews, friends, hostesses and neighbors. Then again, some of these are too good to share, and we may just have to keep them for ourselves. Here's what was under our tree today.

Entertainment Weekly sent us an excellent box of entertainment, with its editors' top picks for 2006: Stephen King's "Lisey's Story," Warner Bros. "Superman Returns" and Sony's "John Legend: Once Again." To keep or to regift? So hard to decide.

Interactive shop 360i sent us a box of games -- backgammon, chess, cards, dominoes -- which should come in handy if the conversation lags after the obligatory family dinner.

The holiday card from Conde Nast's Self came with a gift card for two free song downloads from So we can have something to listen to as we go over the river and through the woods.

The Food Network wanted to be sure that when we got to grandmother's house, we'd be able to help out in the kitchen, sending along the cookbook "How to Boil Water: Life Beyond Takeout." It covers everything from basics such as making coffee or boiling an egg to roasting chicken and baking cheesecakes.

Speaking of food, Food & Wine sent us a box with two yummy brownies baked by God's Love We Deliver, which provides meals for people coping with serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis, reminding us that we should be giving this season.

Speaking of giving, Lifetime (which also sent yesterday's Eleni cookies) sent us some untraditional gift tags, which boast sayings like "Hope you didn't want a pony," "First off, you're hard to shop for" and "Relax, I didn't make it myself."

Clear Channel sent over a tin of Lulu Crunch, which is chocolate-covered pecan toffee, with the suggestion that it is particularly good refrigerated or frozen.

Interactive agency Special Ops Media is keeping us well-caffeinated, with a travel coffee mug filled with chocolates.

Time Inc.'s People Group was even more dedicated to providing us with a chocolate fix, sending Manhattan Frutier's chocolate basket, chock-full of chocolate bars, chocolate-dipped dried fruit and a big box of chocolates.

If you're still looking for gift ideas, production house Groove Addicts has been so successful at picking out "hip, fun swag," it's opened its own store, We got Groove Addicts branded shampoo and conditioner, a coffee mug and a T-shirt, but you can also get spa and baby products such as sea salt scrub and Baby Blair blankets, travel bags, photo albums, books and even wine stoppers.
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