The Unwrapping Continues; See What We Had to Send Back

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NEW YORK ( –- Yesterday, we kicked off the unwrapping of the holiday swag, taking part in the annual ritual of PR departments of media companies sending out to media buyers and journalists gifts bearing a corporate logo. Usually, these are trinkets, or if we get lucky, chocolate. But then we got the box from Rainbow Networks.

Video iPod, From Rainbow Networks
There’s swag and then there’s the so-over-the-top-it’s-almost-a-bribe swag that requires us to pack it up and mail it back to maintain any semblance of our journalistic integrity. Rainbow Networks had a great idea, creating a promo reel of the cable network’s “great successes” this year that could be downloaded to a video iPod. But the actual sending of the iPod is where they blew it. Then again, it does kind of underscore the "great success" part of their message if they can afford the iPods.

Conde Nast Traveler Chocolate Coins
While you can never go wrong with chocolate, (really, never), Conde Nast Traveler proved you can get it really right by packaging its chocolate coins in a lovely brocade blue and gold box. (And yes, the box is all that’s left. MediaWorks staff has already eaten the chocolate.)

Disneyland Christmas Tree Ornaments
The elegant blue velvet boxes raised our hopes considerably, (maybe more chocolate!) but the gold-plated Cinderella castle with the rotating 50 (for its 50th anniversary) in the middle yielded universal groans. At least we have something to hang on the office tree.

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