MediaWorks Is Happy to Report More Chocolate Has Arrived

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NEW YORK ( -- Well the PR Santas continue to brighten our days and nights with their inventive swag ideas. We’ve now arrived on Day 3 of the annual ritual of media gift-giving. Today’s crop includes the yummy, the silly and the kitschy, which is pretty much a perfect swag package.

Chocolate Penguins in a Wood Box From Time4Media
Calling up visions from this year’s runaway documentary hit, “March of the Penguins,” MediaWorks was glad to be able to stage its own mini-march to the penguins as the staff lined up to munch the heads of these guys from Manhattan Fruitier as soon as our staff photographer was done. Luckily, all nine of them made it into the photo. Three minutes later, three were headless.

Bucket o’ Furry Friends From National CineMedia
National CineMedia wanted to remind us of this year’s spectacle movies, so we’ve now got a "Star Wars" Chewbacca action figure, a "Batman Begins" action figure, a "King Kong" doll, and a very loud Thing from the "Fantastic Four" who won’t stop making crashing noises. On the slate for next year are movie versions of Curious George and the Pink Panther, so we’ve got dolls of them too.

Green T-shirt From Soap Net
Actually that description in the subhead is kind of underselling this one, because it comes in a fabulous Grinch-y green and splashed across the front is “Seasons Cheatings.” Really, how can we resist?

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