Silver Pens, Cool Hats, Best-Selling Books

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NEW YORK ( -- Yes, we’re still unwrapping. The PR Elves aren’t done yet and we plan to be here right until the bitter end of the annual ritual of intra-company holiday gifts. Unfortunately, none of today’s crop is edible and really unfortunately, none are made of chocolate. But what we have is a feast for the mind, and, um head.

‘The Beatles: The Biography’ from Time Inc.
Nine-hundred-and-eighty-two pages of John, Paul, George and Ringo from Bob Spitz. That should take care of any downtime between Dec. 23 and Jan. 2.

Warm hat and drawstring bag from Bluerock
This New York City-based production company has a very cool giant octopus (or squid?) logo which they’ve emblazoned in bright green (you might call it a Grinch-y green) on a black hat and bag. We can wear them with our Soap Net shirt (see Day 3), especially if we take that job as a bike messenger.

Waterford Silver Pen from Clear Channel Radio
Rather appropriate for a journalist, what with all our note-taking and all. This one gets points for thoughtfulness, if not originality.

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