Beating the Drum for Big Mac's New Options: It's Last Night's Ads

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Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The new releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week.

Among the new releases, KFC pushes its Georgia Gold chicken; Taco Bell orders the naked chicken chalupa, with the first shell made entirely out of fried chicken; Jackson Hewitt does spit takes at its express refund advance of up to $1,300 promotion; and New Balance takes a run with Olympic medalist Emma Coburn.

Finally, McDonald's drops a beat (hello, marching band) for its new Big Mac options -- the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac.

Today's TV Ad Highlights
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Top new ads recently aired on national TV
Success KFC: Success
Network: TV ONE
Show: BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Honors
Primetime Airing: Jan. 29, 8:44 pm ET
Don't Be a Square Taco Bell: Don't Be a Square
Network: Velocity
Show: Unique Rides
Primetime Airing: Jan. 29, 8:19 pm ET
Ms. Spit Jackson Hewitt: Ms. Spit
Network: Comedy Central
Show: Workaholics
Primetime Airing: Jan. 27, 10:18 pm ET
There's a Mac for That McDonald's: There's a Mac for That
Network: NBC
Show: 2017 NHL All-Star Game
Primetime Airing: Jan. 29, 8:13 pm ET
Rewrite History New Balance: Rewrite History
Network: NBC Sports
Show: Track and Field
Airing Date: Jan. 28, 4:25 pm ET
Most Engaging
Top ads by SpotShare for the past 7 days
Enjoy All of It Life: Enjoy All of It
Online Views: 1423
Social Actions: 44975
SpotShare: 8.55%
Super Bowl 2017 Teaser: Humpty Fall TurboTax: Super Bowl 2017 Teaser: Humpty Fall
Online Views: 3142557
Social Actions: 1311
SpotShare: 5.22%
Stroll Apple iPhone: Stroll
Online Views: 1798171
Social Actions: 5124
SpotShare: 4.09%
Lunch With Chuck UnitedHealthcare: Lunch With Chuck
Online Views: 791422
Social Actions: 11250
SpotShare: 3.48%
All-New LEGO Batmobile From Chevy Chevrolet: All-New LEGO Batmobile From Chevy
Online Views: 1030964
Social Actions: 2056
SpotShare: 2.02%
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