Hulu looks to prove to advertisers that commercials drive business results

In-house attribution product will utilize Hulu's first-party data

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Credit: Hulu

TV companies are on a quest to prove to advertisers that commercials drive specific business results, like test driving a car or actually making a purchase. And Hulu is the latest company to introduce an attribution product that will allow marketers to measure these business outcomes and return on investment.

Hulu's product, which is currently in beta, matches advertisers' customer data with the streamer's own data from its 25 million subscribers.

The company expects the product to be fully rolled out by the second half of the year, in time for the upfronts selling season, where TV networks look to get commitments for a bulk of their ad time for the following season.

By utilizing its own data, Julie DeTraglia, VP and head of research, says Hulu will allow marketers to get more granular and gain more frequent access to campaign performance.

The move is the latest attempt by the TV industry to compete against digital behemoths like Google and Facebook who have long been able to prove business results.

"TV has been reliant on the face that everyone sort of knows it works and it gets broad reach," DeTraglia says. "But TV no longer gets the reach it used to and it has gotten to a point where TV has to prove itself more like digital does."

Earlier this week, AT&T announced that it is opening up its set-top box data to Turner advertisers and that data will also be used to power an in-house attribution product.

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