ICYMI: 'Interrogating Zuckerberg,' from the Bad Lip Reading geniuses

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As we get ready to limp into May, we're going to close out the month that just was with a bit of nostalgia. In particular, remember that time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified on Capitol Hill? It seems so long ago* that the version of the proceedings above, from the geniuses at the Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube, now seems more or less accurate through the fog of memory. The video has it all: Robot-deer-caught-in-headlights Zuckerberg smiling mechanically and attempting to sip water. Tech-illiterate lawmakers asking him clueless questions. Senator Lindsey Graham singing "Judy Moonlight." OK, maybe not all of the above actually happened. But "Interrogating Zuckerberg: A Bad Lip Reading" has been going wildly and deservedly viral—and damn it, this is the way we want to remember how it all went down

BTW, if you're not familiar with the Bad Lip Reading channel's oeuvre, here's a good place to start: "This New Trump Video From the Bad Lip Reading Channel Is Your Best Belated Christmas Present."

*It was actually April 10 and 11

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