set up to counter Melania Trump's jacket stunt

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In the wake of Melania Trump's Thursday "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" stunt—which her husband confirmed was a stunt, not long after an attempt was made by Melania's spokesperson to claim, implausibly, that the stunt was not a stunt ("#ItsJustAJacket")—Chicago-based Upworthy/Good writer Parker Molloy grabbed the web domain. She then created a social-media splash image for it (as seen below) and initiated a redirect to an existing donation page titled Support Kids at the Border ("Chip in to critical groups working to protect kids separated from their families by ICE") set up by Run for Something co-founder Amanda Litman. And by Thursday evening, a benefit "I REALLY DO CARE, DON'T U?" T-shirt was introduced (scroll further down) by Upworthy/Good's Public Service Apparel Co.

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