Mr. Unpopularity: Is Trump Doing Better Than You Think?

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Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Friday, April 28:

Summer is seriously here -- e.g., the temperature's supposed to hit the high 70s today and low 80s tomorrow in America's media capital (I'm typing at you from lower Manhattan) -- so I won't blame you if you scroll right past the Trump-related items (Nos. 1, 2, 3) below as well as the digital-media-retrenchment items (Nos. 4, 6) and the media-about-media-about-media item (No. 5) to jump straight to the beach-related item (No. 7). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. In a guest post on The Hill this morning under the headline "Why the polls are wrong about Trump. Again," Mark Penn (managing partner of the Stagwell Group, former pollster for President Clinton and co-director of the Harvard-Harris Poll) reminds us of all the media organizations that predicted a Hillary Clinton presidency, writing,

As President Trump enters his 100th day, several of the same organizations are using their polls to proclaim that he has had the worst start of any modern president and the worst ratings of a president at this time in his presidency. While Trump is no FDR when it comes to forming a political coalition, a fairer reading of the polls and the election results shows his performance is probably 5 or 6 points better than is being touted and that his base of support with which he won the election remains intact.

2. Vocativ's Ryan Beckler parses what President Trump tweets about the most -- including the top five Twitter accounts that he mentions and his five favorite hashtags -- in a post titled "The First 450 Tweets: A Trump Presidency Review."

3. ICYMI: Currently atop YouTube's "Trending" chart: "Donald Trump's First 100 Days In Office," courtesy of "The Simpsons":

4. "Here's Tim Armstrong's official memo of who will be running the AOL-Yahoo combo," via Recode's Kara Swisher. Her set-up/analysis is (as usual) the best part of the post -- for example, "No surprise: Not a lot of Yahoos have emerged from the internet cage match. Just four execs from the troubled internet giant will fill top roles."

5. Marie Claire sees a heroic narrative in the recent drama at Fox News, per this feature profile by Kaitlin Menza: "Meet the Woman Who Took Bill O'Reilly Down," (Subhead: "He was the most popular figure on the country's highest-rated television network. But he was no match for New York Times reporter Emily Steel").

6. Via Keith Kelly in this morning's New York Post: "The Daily Mail & Trust cut 47 of the 94 staffers at its Elite Daily site just ahead of the April 17 sale of the millennial women's destination to Bustle Digital Group. ... Elite Daily Editor-in-Chief Kaitlyn Cawley is among those spared. She will report to Bustle Editor-in-Chief Kate Ward."

7. And finally, to close out the workweek, I can't help but share this rather awesome gif titled "When you can't wait to hit the beach," which has run up more than half a million views (with a big boost from Reddit) since it was posted Monday by Imgur user MrSquiggle.

When you can't wait to hit the beach

Happy weekend.

Simon Dumenco, aka Media Guy, is an Ad Age editor-at-large. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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