Jim Carrey Tells Facebook Investors: Dump Your FB Stock, Like Me, Because Russia

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On Tuesday afternoon, actor and comedian Jim Carrey took to Twitter, where he has 17.5 million followers, and announced that he's selling his Facebook stock and deleting his Facebook page because of ... Russia.

The Twittersphere has a lot of thoughts and feelings about this, starting with:

Others are, naturally, using Jim Carrey gifs to respond to Jim Carrey:

And others still are just attacking him:

(Actually, Carrey, who was born in Newmarket, Ontario, has held U.S. citizenship since 2004, while continuing to maintain his Canadian citizenship.)

As for the illustration of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Carrey's tweet, that's a byproduct of his new status as an exhibiting visual artist (see "Jim Carrey Spent the Last Six Years Painting. Now, See What the Actor-Turned-Artist Has Created," via Artnet last September).

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