Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Troll 'Street Artist' Who Calls Him 'Cry-Baby'

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It was pretty much a given that internet trolls would swarm Jimmy Kimmel after his Monday night "Jimmy Kimmel Live" monologue following the Las Vegas massacre. Not only did Kimmel, who grew up in Vegas, angrily denounce politicians including Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for failing to address gun violence in America "because the NRA has their balls in a money clip," but he was frequently tearful while addressing his audience. A celebrity talking about gun control and crying-while-male on national TV? Cue the attacks!

Now a self-described L.A. artist has decided to take his hatred of Kimmel to the streets with a guerrilla outdoor campaign that debuted early Thursday. As The Hollywood Reporter's Paul Bond reports, the artist who goes by "Sabo"...

... created posters of Kimmel looking like a young Johnny Depp from the 1990 movie "Cry-Baby." ... Sabo posted about a dozen of the posters in tough-to-reach places near Kimmel's home in Hollywood and ... near the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" studio on Hollywood Boulevard. Other posters show Kimmel wiping a tear from his face and advertise a faux show called "The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour."

Sabo also put prints of his "Cry-Baby" up for sale on his unsavoryagents.com website.

Kimmel then emailed The Hollywood Reporter a photo of himself sitting at a bus stop bench plastered with one of Sabo's fake ads; in the photo, Kimmel gives Sabo the middle finger. Kimmel also gave THR this quote: "I encourage all fellow cry babies to support Everytown for Gun Safety—everytown.org." Naturally, Sabo (Twitter bio: "I am the fastest censored street artist in the city of Los Angeles. I am not a Left-Wing-Zombie-Artist. I am on the edge, the only true rebel artist in LA") tweeted Kimmel's photo and took another jab at his masculinity:

And everybody lived unhappily ever after.

The end.

UPDATE: Thursday evening Jimmy Kimmel tweeted this:

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