What If John Oliver Didn't Have That Accent? Watch Colbert's Overly Intimate 'Personal Space' Interview

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ICYMI from Friday night's "Late Show" on CBS: John Oliver, host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," poked his head into Stephen Colbert's "Personal Space" box—a literal cardboard box that puts interviewer and interviewee in hilariously close proximity for supposedly discreet conversation, though of course a camera is recording everything. (Oliver had been a standard sit-down guest last Wednesday, but the show saved the "Personal Space" segment for Friday's episode.)

Among the highlights—other than the general pleasure of watching two comedians repeatedly cracking themselves up as they endure the deeply uncomfortable set-up—is Oliver's answer to Colbert's question about the appeal of his British accent. "I think you take away this accent," Oliver confesses, "and you realize I'm not actually left with much. Again, this is a private box, right?" Watch the full segment for Oliver's attempt at a Queens (as in New York) accent.

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