Watch: John Oliver Is Buying More Ads on Fox News to Try to Educate Trump

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On Sunday's season finale of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver devoted his signature operatic deconstruction/take-down segment to the Trump presidency—particularly to the way the 45th president of the United States uses internet-style trolling (on and off the internet) as a disinformation and diversionary tactic.

Oliver also announced that while his show is on hiatus, he's bringing back the so-called Catheter Cowboy—a folksy, cowboy-hat-wearing commercial spokesman Oliver first introduced in February (see "John Oliver is running ads on cable news to educate just one viewer: Donald Trump") specifically for the benefit of the famously low-information president. Whereas early in the year, Oliver placed ads on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC in the Washington, D.C. market to target Trump, now that we all have a better sense of the TV-addicted president's viewing habits—he really only seems to consistently watch one cable-news network (especially his favorite show, "Fox & Friends") these days—Oliver plans to only buy ad time on Fox News.

Oliver starts talking about the new Catheter Cowboy ads at the 21:10 mark in the video above, and previews the first full ad, which covers "clean coal" and Frederick Douglass (spoiler: Frederick Douglass is dead)—at 21:55.

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