'SNL' Presents Anderson Cooper's Nightmare: Kellyanne Conway as Kellywise the Clown

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What could possibly be scarier than Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King's "It"? Kellywise, the clown version of Kellyanne Conway—the stuff of Anderson Cooper's nightmares, according to a precorded segment that "Saturday Night Live" aired over the weekend.

In the segment, Cooper (Alex Moffat) departs CNN headquarters for the night amidst heavy rain, then promptly loses a paper he was reading thanks to a gust of wind. He chases after it until it disappears into a storm drain, where he encounters Conway (Kate McKinnon), the counselor to President Trump and nonsense-spewing ("alternative facts") cable-news talking head.

Kellywise, as she calls herself, wants nothing more than to be booked on Cooper's show, and so she pulls out all the stops, promising to give him "crazy, crazy quote," such as "OK, so, Puerto Rico actually was worse before Hurricane Maria, and the hurricane actually did blow some buildings back together, and I don't know why Elizabeth Warren won't tweet about that." She even attempts to enlist Hillary Clinton (McKinnon again), who she previously dragged into the sewer, to lure Cooper.

Spoiler: Just like the real-life waking nightmare, this tale doesn't have a happy ending.

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