Kids' Upfront 2009

Who's Buying Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney XD?

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Spongebob Squarepants

Cablers' Outlook Not as Grim as Prime Time

Marketers Looking to Reach Under-12 Set Not Cutting Back as Severely

NEW YORK ( -- Early budgets for this year's kids' upfront indicate that kiddie cablers such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel will experience less-severe cutbacks than their adult counterparts, with early projections pegging the kids' upfront market at flat to down 2% compared with last year's nearly $1 billion take.

Disney Online

Where the Kids Are

They're Doing a Lot More Than Watching TV

NEW YORK ( -- Any parent knows how hard it is to keep an eye on several children all at once. So imagine how marketers feel having to keep track of a massive group of them.

Golden Anniversary Barbie

Where the Toys Are: What Mattel, Hasbro Plan for '09

Barbie's 50, Family Game Night Is 10, and Tons of Movie Tie-ins

YORK, Pa. ( -- This promises to be a year of contradictions in the toy industry. Even as video games and high-tech electronics permeate almost every aisle in the toy store, back-to-basics categories such as board games and building sets are seeing solid growth. It will be a year of playing to kids' demand for digital, even as their parents stage a retreat, both in budget spending and in a nostalgic bid for less-technological days gone by.

Nintendo Mario Kart

Where the Video Games Are: In the Living Room

Why Electronic Arts and Activision Now Target the Whole Family

YORK, Pa. ( -- Years ago, a video game's success was almost certainly sealed by a great gamer-magazine review and an enthusiastic audience of basement-dwelling 16-year-old boys. Ad buys? A smattering of print in the top video-game reads and, if it felt like a real blockbuster, maybe a screen-shot-laden cable TV commercial.

Aaron Stone

Disney XD Open for Business

Tween-Boy Cable, Online Network to Use ESPN Content

NEW YORK ( -- It's not just any media company that can launch a new cable network on Friday the 13th. But then again, most media companies aren't Disney. "We believe Disney can rebrand anything," joked Rich Ross, president of Disney Channel Worldwide, at a dinner Thursday night celebrating Disney XD, a cable network launching today in 73 million homes.

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