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LOS ANGELES (TVWeek.com) -- This week Fox aired the infamous episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" that prompted a lawsuit accusing star Gordon Ramsay of faking scenes. As the chef warned, the episode contained revolting footage of spoiled pantry food at an insect-plagued New York eatery. With the restaurant's employees appearing to agree to Ramsay's findings, the episode should remove suspicions that the sanitation issues may have been staged by producers of the show.

The lawsuit's plaintiff, Martin Hyde, was the general manager of Dillon's restaurant and lost his job during the production. Hyde says the restaurant's sanitation problems were the fault of a kitchen manager, who was fired a week before the show was taped. Without the other manager around, Hyde says, Ramsay targeted him instead.

With an owner and several managers shown running the restaurant, the show did seem to stretch in blaming Dillon's assortment of sanitation, culinary and customer-service problems on a single person. At one point, a co-worker was shown defending Hyde and was silenced by Ramsay.

The episode concluded with an upbeat ending that led viewers to believe Ramsay's makeover was successful.

The lawsuit claims the restaurant was shut down by the New York City Board of Health about a week after taping.

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