Lucky Magazine Lays Off About 10 Staffers

Conde Nast Spun Off the Title Last Year

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Lucky magazine.
Lucky magazine.

Lucky magazine, the women's shopping title that was once a blockbuster success for Conde Nast, laid off about 10 staff members this week. One person with knowledge of the matter said nearly 15 employees were let go. A Lucky spokeswoman, however, put the number at "less than 10."

The spokeswoman did not elaborate on the cuts. But a report on the website Fashionista lists several Lucky editorial staffers who were let go.

Last August, Conde Nast, which publishes glossy magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair, spun off Lucky into a separate company called The Lucky Group. The new company is a joint venture between Conde Nast and BeachMint, an e-commerce company co-founded by Josh Berman, who also co-founded MySpace. Conde Nast is the majority shareholder.

"We're really bullish on the plan," Mr. Berman told Ad Age in August, referring to the print magazine, which he said the company would look to grow.

When Conde Nast introduced Lucky in late 2000, it invented a whole new genre of magazine -- a shopping guide that displayed products with little text, explaining only why readers needed to make a purchase. The magazine quickly rose to prominence and several imitators emerged. In 2003, Ad Age named Lucky Magazine of the Year.

As interest in shopping magazines eventually waned, the other shopping magazines that sprang up in the wake of Lucky shut down. Lucky sputtered on, but with fewer ad pages and fewer readers. The magazine was dogged with rumors that it would be shut down, despite attention from Vogue Editor and Conde Nast Artistic Director Anna Wintour. Those rumors have not materialized, and The Lucky Group is now eyeing a second life with a focus on e-commerce, which it plans to roll out early this year.

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