Magazine Ads That Drove Readers to the Web

MRI Starch Picks the 10 Most Effective Print to Online Ads

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See what marketers such as Acura, Dell, and Orbitz did to get people to visit their websites.

NEW YORK ( -- Which print ads were best at moving readers to a company website this year? MRI Starch Communications, a specialist in print-advertising research, measures a range of actions readers take as a result of seeing ads, and here examines the best-performing ads that led readers to company websites.

To find the most effective ads at driving online traffic, MRI Starch considered 4,071 one-page and two-page ads across all product categories. The following "Visit website" scores are based on those readers who saw or read the ad. All selected ads were above average in initially attracting readers to the page. Here MRI Starch investigates the ads' creative elements, the product categories as well as the context or the magazine genres that contributed to higher traffic to the website.

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Michal Galin is senior VP at MRI Starch, part of the GfK Group, which specializes in measuring print-ad effectiveness. For more information on ads that spark reader action, please visit MRI Starch.

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