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How to Make Viewers Remember Your Product Placement: Talk It Up On Air

'Castle' and 'Bones' Leads Talked Up Features of Their Cars

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Richard Castle talks up a car.
Richard Castle talks up a car.

ABC's "Castle" delivered the product placement with the highest brand recall on dramas and sitcoms last month, according to new data from Nielsen. Apparently it helps for the title character to explain that the product, a Ferrari, is a high-performance vehicle.

Actually viewers saw, and remembered, something similar in a February episode of "Bones" on Fox, in which Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan told her partner about her Toyota's adaptive cruise control. That was good for the No. 6 spot on Nielsen's list of product integrations with the highest brand recall. Marketers just need to keep in mind that the most intrusive brand integrations also run the risk of alienating viewers.

Look below the chart to see Richard Castle give a Ferrari its due.

Nielsen Top Ten Most-Recalled In-Program Placements: Dramas/Sitcoms, February 1 - 28, 2011 Nielsen logo
Brand In-Program Placement Description Program Airing Info Recall Index
1 Ferrari Beckett drives a car after Castle explains that it is a high performance vehicle. Castle (ABC, Feb 7) 205
2 Vicodin Foreman tells Taub he found medication in Bert's office. House (Fox, Feb 28) 194
3 Red Hots Mike orders and picks up a Valentine's Day cake with candies on top. Mike & Molly (CBS, Feb 14) 192
4 L'il Critters Sue pretends to overdose on gummi vitamins. Glee (Fox, Feb 15) 188
5 Ugg Harry and Jenna open boot boxes while discussing Tommy Jefferson. Harry's Law (NBC, Feb 7) 187
6 Toyota Brennan tells Booth about her car's adaptive cruise control. Bones (Fox, Feb 3) 166
7 Mercedes-Benz A car sits outside while Vivian, Chuck, and Sarah hide from Boris's gunfire. Chuck (NBC, Feb 21) 165
8 Jared Santana tells Puck she bought jewelry and shows it to him. Glee (Fox, Feb 8) 163
9 Apple Jasmine and her mother use a laptop while planning her wedding. Parenthood, (NBC, Feb 8) 162
10 Gatorade A Gatorade G cooler is on a table at a football game. Glee (Fox, Feb 6) 157

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