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Now It's Personal: MediaCom vs. MindShare

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NEW YORK ( -- Perhaps fantasy football has more in common with buying TV time than one would initially think. For instance, there's always a surprise hit of the season. This year, it's Horizon Media.
The team hasn't lost a game since starting out 0-2 and has managed five straight wins even without its star player and No. 3 draft pick, Shaun Alexander, the Seattle Seahawks running back.

Neon Leon
"I don't think we've made a bad roster move, despite some bad luck early on," said Dave Campinelli, the team captain for Horizon Media whose smart moves include picking up the Broncos defense -- the best in the league so far. "Despite Shaun Alexander's injury, our No. 1 pick, we had two big moves. We picked Bernard Berrion off the waiver and traded backup QB David Carr [of the Houston Texans] for [Jets running back] Leon Washington and that paid off in a big way this week with [Washington's] 100-plus yards and a touchdown."

The league, organized by NFL Network, is made up of 14 media agency teams. Four teams share a 5-2 record and are ranked first by points: PHD, MediaCom, MindShare and Horizon. The bottom three teams are GM Planworks, OMD and MediaVest.

This week, the most exciting game is likely to be MediaCom vs. MindShare. MediaCom looked genius early on when it picked Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman off the waiver wire in week two.

The big worry
MediaCom's big worry now? Grossman's cooling off. After tearing it up in weeks one through five, he's managed a -1 and 0 fantasy points for the last two weeks. The Bears host San Francisco, whose defense is the league's fifth worst.

"When we drafted a guy named Wali Lundy, people made fun of us at the draft," recalled MediaCom's Dan Geller. "They said if MediaCom wins this year it'll be because of Wali Lundy, only they said it sarcastically. But he's starting now and we're counting on him to put a big game."

Plus, he added, laughing: "I used work on the Kmart account and [MindShare] took it from me, so it's personal."

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The standings, as of Oct. 24:
  1. PHD
    Horizon Media
  2. Initiative Media
  3. Universal McCann
  4. Carat
  5. Weiden & Kennedy
  6. Mediaedge:cia
  7. Busch media
  8. Zenith Media
  9. GM Planworks
  10. OMD
  11. MediaVest
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