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Top Advertisers for Year Include Broadcast Nets, TNT, HD Radio

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NEW YORK ( -- If you've heard an onslaught of HD Digital Radio Alliance ads or seen a heck of a lot of ABC promos lately, you're just very observant. The Media Monitors Special Report 2008, issued this week, tallies up spots to name the top 20 advertisers based on number of ads on radio, broadcast TV, cable TV and newspapers. And according to its data, media companies' biggest advertisers this year were themselves.

The HD Radio Alliance was the No. 1 radio advertiser, airing 1,697,082 spots throughout the year. Coming in a close second with 1,648,253 ads was Wal-Mart, a retailer that recently ramped up its radio spend to capitalize on holiday sales and its exclusive sale of AC/DC's "Black Ice."

On broadcast TV, ABC reigned at No. 1 with 501,687 spots, a number that reflects its status as the highest-rated broadcast network among adults 18-to-49. The CW came in at No. 2 (415,477 spots), a slot that is more disproportionately in line with its rank as the fifth highest-rated broadcast network. Following them in short order were CBS (No. 3, 414,107 spots), NBC (No. 4, 377,525 spots) and Fox (No. 6, 309,957 spots.) Toyota, whose "Saved By Zero" ads aired so many times this fall they prompted a huge consumer ceasefire, came in at No. 7, with 299,305 ads aired.

Turner Entertainment took the top two spots on cable, with TNT airing 1,327,8763 ads and TBS airing 1,223,858 spots, respectively. Linda Yaccarino, Turner Entertainment's exec VP-sales and marketing, said the network have become "very aggressive marketers" in recent years to promote its new slate of original programming like TNT's "The Closer" and TBS' "House Of Payne," a move echoed by her cable peers as their ratio of original to acquired programming becomes more disparate.

In fact, all of the top 7 cable advertisers were cable networks, followed by Discovery Channel (No. 3, 1,221,044 spots), Lifetime (No. 4, 1,179,094 spots) A&E, (No. 5, 1,036,000 spots) USA Network (No. 6, 998,489 spots) and CNN (No. 7, 569,705 spots.)

Only newspapers shared the majority of their ad space with non-endemic advertisers, with Macy's leading the pack at No. 1 with 19,942 ads vs. No. 2 Dillard's, who ran 8,537 ads in 2008. Other marketers who continued to spend big on newspapers this year include Verizon (No. 3, 7,606 ads), AT&T (No. 6, 3,167 ads), Bloomingdale's (2,250 ads) and Washington Mutual (No. 10, 1,829 ads.)

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Media Monitors' Top 10 Spot Advertisers By Medium in 2008


HD Radio Alliance (1,697,082 spots)
Wal-Mart (1,648,819 spots)
Geico (1,563,532 spots)
Verizon (1,248,253 spots)
Home Depot (1,221,153 spots)
McDonald's (1,000,720 spots)
AT&T (692,014 spots)
Auto Zone (643,747 spots)
Toyota (555,340 spots)
Ford Lincoln Mercury (475,354 spots)

Broadcast TV

ABC (501,867 spots)
The CW (415,477 spots)
CBS (414,107 spots)
NBC (377,525 spots)
Verizon (314,976 spots)
Fox (309,957 spots)
Toyota (299,305 spots)
AT&T (256,957 ads)
McDonald's (256,340 spots)
Empire Today (251,739 spots)

Cable TV

TNT (1,327,863 spots)
TBS (1,223,858 spots)
Discovery Channel (1,221,044 spots)
Lifetime (1,179,094 spots)
A&E (1,036,000 spots)
USA Network (998,489 spots)
CNN (569,705 spots)
Geico (565,003 spots)
Ford Lincoln Mercury (556,729 spots)
AT&T (505,399 spots)


Macy's (19,492 ads)
Dillard's (8,537 ads)
Verizon (7,606 ads)
Fry's Electronics (3,910 ads)
AT&T (3,167 ads)
AMC Theatres (2,568 ads)
Bloomingdale's (2,250 ads)
Champion (2,002 ads)
Rooms To Go (1,935 ads)
Washington Mutual (1,829 ads)
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