Meet Poor Decision-Making Rob Lowe (He Has a Face Tattoo)

It's the Newest Ads on TV; Plus, the Five Most Engaging Spots

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Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week. See the methodology here.

Among the new releases, "Poor Decision Making Rob Lowe" gets a face tattoo and eats food found on the bus in DirecTV's latest ad featuring the former "Parks and Recreation" star, while Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays a therapist in Old Navy's first ad of the spring season. And Verizon unveils two spots with "flipside testimonials" that depict life with and without Verizon -- in one, a realtor struggles to send photos and video, while another features a ski trip gone awry.

Today's TV Ad Highlights
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New Releases
Top new ads recently aired on national TV
DirecTV: Poor Decision Making Rob Lowe DirecTV: Poor Decision Making Rob Lowe
Network: CBS
Show: Stalker
Primetime Airing: Feb. 18, 10:14 pm ET
Verizon: Flipside Testimonials: Realtors Verizon: Flipside Testimonials: Realtors
Network: ABC
Show: Modern Family
Primetime Airing: Feb. 18, 9:19 pm ET
Old Navy: Boyfriend at Couples Therapy Old Navy: Boyfriend at Couples Therapy
Network: TBS
Show: The Big Bang Theory
Primetime Airing: Feb. 18, 8:34 pm ET
Verizon: Flipside Testimonials: Ski Trip Verizon: Flipside Testimonials: Ski Trip
Network: ABC
Show: The Goldbergs
Primetime Airing: Feb. 18, 8:56 pm ET
Comcast Business: Mistakes Comcast Business: Mistakes
Network: CNBC
Show: Shark Tank
Primetime Airing: Feb. 18, 8:32 pm ET
Most Engaging
Top ads by SpotShare for the past 7 days
Adidas: Take It Adidas: Take It
Online Views: 6,522,133
Social Actions: 57,215
SpotShare: 4.23%
Android: Friends Furever Android: Friends Furever
Online Views: 2,830,777
Social Actions: 89,615
SpotShare: 3.98%
Mountain Dew: Come Alive Mountain Dew: Come Alive
Online Views: 2,544,266
Social Actions: 32,141
SpotShare: 2.01%
Dove: Free Makeover Dove: Free Makeover
Online Views: 717
Social Actions: 53,815
SpotShare: 1.78%
Truth: Left Swipe Dat Truth: Left Swipe Dat
Online Views: 1,647,467
Social Actions: 33,342
SpotShare: 1.72%

As always, you can find out more about the best commercials on TV at Ad Age's Creativity.

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