'There she is, Miss Fully Clothed': A few thoughts about the death of the Miss America swimsuit competition

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Sacha Baron Cohen as 'Borat' during the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.
Sacha Baron Cohen as 'Borat' during the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage

And suddenly we have a new barometer for political correctness or anti-PCness, or gender-related woke-ness or anti-wokeness, or what have you—thanks to the Miss America Organization unveiling (so to speak) a big change. Per the official announcement:

The Board of Trustees of the Miss America Organization announced today groundbreaking changes for the "The 2019 Miss America Competition," effective this September, by declaring that the 51 women representing their home states and the District of Columbia will no longer be judged on outward physical appearance. ... This change in format signals the end of the swimsuit portion of the competition.

There are those who seem to be basically fine with that:

And those who have ideas for further refinements and streamlining for the competition:

And those who wonder if it still needs to be on TV:

And those who see the move as a liberal/progressive attack on traditional American values:

Speaking of Trump ...

As of this writing, the president has yet to chime in on Miss America 2.0, though one guy has a rough idea of what he might say:

Anyway, you can already see how this cultural conversation, such that it is, will metastasize in the hours and days ahead:

Which, naturally, prompted responses such as:

Oh, and by the way, this point from Boston magazine political columnist David Bernstein is well taken:

You mean like this?

Or this?

Yes? OK, just checking. Thanks.

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