Miss Spicey? This 'SNL' Sarah Huckabee Sanders Music Video Might Help

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When White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer left the Trump administration in August, it seemed like a big loss for "Saturday Night Live," which had repeatedly brought on guest star Melissa McCarthy to hilariously lampoon "Spicey" last season. Spicer's replacement, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, may not be quite as bombastic, but she has quickly gained a reputation for being similarly combative and condescending toward the press corps—and for issuing garbled, nonsensical defenses of President Trump and his team.

SO confident.
SO confident. Credit: Saturday Night Live via YouTube

What does it take to do that day after day? Confidence—of the defiant kind that Demi Lovato sings about in her hit "Confident." The music video for that song gets a "Saturday Night Live " reimagining in this prerecorded segment that aired as part of the weekend's show. In it, Aidy Bryant belts out Lovato's anthem, changing a few lyrics along the way (e.g., "So you say I'm complicated / That I must be outta my mind" becomes "So you say that I'm a puppet / That I must be outta my mind").

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