MPG Forms Out-of-Home Unit

Chrysalis to Also Create Place-Based Media

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NEW YORK ( -- Hoping to fight off the slowdown the marketing and advertising industry is anticipating next year, Havas-owned MPG has expanded its current offering with the introduction of a new business unit called Chrysalis that will concentrate on the place-based out-of-home segment, which includes billboards, digital screens, mobile, experiential and in-store.
Steve Lanzano
Steve Lanzano

The goal of the unit -- named for the stage of metamorphosis when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly -- will be to place clients' ads in locations where consumers can't avoid or fast-forward past them; for example, TV screens on gas-station pumps or in supermarkets.

Captive audience
Steve Lanzano, chief operating officer of MPG, said unless someone creates a remote control that will allow consumers to fast-forward past commercials on out-of-home screens, these touch points represent an opportunity to pitch "a consumer that's at least attentive to your message."

He said the sector is also expecting double-digit growth for 2009. "So it's something we needed to get into in terms of providing the strategic capability for our clients," he said. "And providing a strategic look on how this all works together vs. just throwing an ad in an out-of-home area where you think your consumer is, [demonstrating] how it all works together to make the sum greater than the parts."

Chrysalis will be a six-person team based in New York, with Connie Garrido as president and Ray Rotolo as senior VP-managing director.
Connie Garrido
Connie Garrido

Separate, but linked
Mr. Lanzano said Chrysalis will operate as a separate unit but will be very much involved with MPG.

"They will learn about our clients and their needs and then work on putting together proposals for them," Mr. Lanzano said. "They will educate our staff in terms of what's out there and how it can be used and will work with us on new business pitches where appropriate."

Ms. Garrido was most recently a partner at Media Link, where she served as a strategic/brand development consultant, and Mr. Rotolo was previously leading the strategic alliance and sponsorship efforts at Meadowlands Xanadu.
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