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Social-Networking Site in Talks With 'Nylon' to Create Title

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NEW YORK ( -- Hey, MySpace kids: Want to read a magazine? If you answered yes, you may be in luck. MySpace is actively considering whether to launch an ink-on-paper magazine to complement its insanely popular and remarkably valued online property. The editorial mix would likely cover standout MySpace members and their interests, from music to their social scenes.

MediaWorks imagines what a MySpace magazine would look like.
MediaWorks imagines what a MySpace magazine would look like.
"We're in the process of modeling it," said an executive privy to the discussions. "Our main concern is the MySpace brand. We don't want to do anything that would hurt the brand."

Familiar partnership
MySpace, which News Corp. bought last year for more than half a billion dollars, is looking at potential business models, the most likely of which would see a MySpace Magazine published by the crew at Nylon magazine, the hip music and fashion title edited by Marvin Scott Jarrett. Nylon and MySpace have worked together before; the two partnered in May to bring the magazine's 7th annual "Music Issue" online with interactive features.

While poor execution or underwhelming response would undermine the site's reputation, the financial risk to MySpace would be low-to-nil if Nylon published the new magazine under a licensing arrangement.

But nothing is certain, and MySpace may yet decide to stay out of the print game entirely. Until a verdict is reached, please resume your regularly scheduled social networking online.

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