NBC says don't skip these ads if you want to end up in 'The Good Place'

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Credit: NBC Universal via Google Chrome Extension

If you want to end up in "The Good Place," don't skip ads. That's the message behind NBC's new campaign for the sitcom.

The peacock is partnering with Google to try to get people not to skip ads on YouTube. Starting on Sept. 19, YouTube users who watch certain ads without skipping ahead after six seconds will be rewarded with a clip from season 3 of "The Good Place."

The first part of the campaign kicks off next week with NBC running quirky YouTube ads featuring fluffy bunnies, disco dogs and cute kittens with ducks to discourage viewers from hitting the skip button.

One of the ads show a bunny in a bucket and a voice-over says: "Only a monster would skip a video of a bunny in a bucket…Enjoy a moment of goodness, and maybe, just maybe, you will end up in the good place."

In all of the videos NBC asks viewers to take a moment to pause, instead of skipping the ad, and "enjoy something good."

The effort is part of a larger partnership with Google for the season 3 premiere of the comedy starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. NBC and Google debuted a 360-degree experience at San Diego Comic Con earlier this summer and this week Google rolled out a Chrome extension that included an "Ask Janet" search engine, playing off the character in the show who essentially serves as an assistant to the residents of '"The Good Place" and is summoned by saying "Hey, Janet." There's also an Obscenities Censor, akin to how bad words are dubbed in the series, Joy of Missing Out reminders and YouTube's upvote/downvote is being replaced by Good Place/Bad Place.

"The Good Place" is NBC's second highest rated comedy behind "Will & Grace," averaging 3.6 million total viewers and a 1.1 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic last season.

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