Watch: Netflix Delivers Punchline to Its 'Joke' Ads in Commercial During Emmys

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Netflix is extending its "joke" billboards to TV during the Emmy Awards.

Billboards proclaiming "Netflix is a Joke" were seen around Los Angeles and New York earlier this month. They sparked plenty of confusion among commuters and set off a mild social media firestorm before everyone figured out that the campaign wasn't a hit on the streaming giant but an inside job.

Now, Netflix is bringing the message to TV with a spot debuting during the Emmys that features some big-name comedians. The commercial shows Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld joining Netflix original series "Stranger Things," "Orange is the New Black," The Crown" and "House of Cards."

The 30-second ad, created by the Los Angeles-based agency Battery, was directed by comedian Neal Brennan.

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