New York Mag's The Cut turns viral headlines into crazy good T-shirts

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A T-shirt available at The Cut Shop.
A T-shirt available at The Cut Shop. Credit: The Cut

Old-school print-media dollars, the saying goes, translate into mere digital dimes. Which is why some publishers, such as New York Magazine owner New York Media, have been experimenting with e-commerce plays (along with all kinds of other non-ad-dependent revenue plays).

Now NYmag's The Cut vertical—which covers "style," "self," "culture" and "power" (per its department names)—has unveiled a cheeky, fashionable e-commerce play that's perfectly in sync with its editorial brand values by design. The Cut Shop, just one week old, is, per the site's description ...

... a print-on-demand T-shirt store in partnership with Merch by Amazon, featuring 30-plus shirts with past hits, recent viral headlines, and timely phrases, including "My Other Shirt Is a Turtleneck," "I Love My Curvy Wife," "Millennial Pink," and "I Survived Union Pool." ... And here's the best part: If you've got Amazon Prime, your package will arrive before the next news cycle.

The tees come in women's, men's and kids' sizes and cost $24.99 each.

Before ordering my favorite, as seen above—it features an actual Cut headline that ran in March—I asked New York Media spokeswoman Lauren Starke how sales have been going. She declined to release revenue numbers but said sales have exceeded expectations, and then revealed that these are the 10 best-sellers so far:

1. Content
2. My Other Shirt is a Turtleneck
3. I Survived Union Pool
4. What Do Jared And Ivanka Do All Day
5. I Think About This a Lot
6. Four Men and Greta Gerwig
7. Let Me Fat in Peace
8. Millennial Pink
9. Freakebana
10. Witch, Hunting

Starke adds that on Friday they'll add five additional shirts emblazoned with even more Cut-ing language:

Totally Kind of Hot
Trophy Husband
Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Lies
Niche Drama
Taurus Season

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