Nielsen Doubles Down on Media Planning With Latest Buy

Buys Planning Tool Pointlogic

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Nielsen is moving deeper into media planning services with the acquisition of Pointlogic, an analytics tool that helps agencies and marketers plan cross-platform media buys. Terms were not disclosed.

The acquisition comes as Nielsen prepares its Total Audience Measurement offering, which promises to provide a complete picture of how TV content is being viewed across platforms and devices.

With Pointlogic, Nielsen is looking to make Total Audience Measurement data actionable for agencies and marketers as they plan their media campaigns.

"It is important for us to make sure Total Audience data isn't an after-the-fact report and can be acted on," said Megan Clarken, president-product leadership, Nielsen.

Nielsen has been working with Pointlogic since 2014, when it created Nielsen Media Impact, which was designed to help clients improve their marketing effectiveness.

Pointlogic sits on the desktops of primarily agencies, but also some advertisers, and assists them with cross-media plans. A buyer feeds a budget and target criteria into the tool and Pointlogic spits out the optimal campaign to reach the demographic across platforms. Pointlogic uses Nielsen data as well as other data sources.

Nielsen will be looking to add more behavioral attributes to Pointlogic for agencies to plan against.

"This acquisition significantly enhances our clients' ability to plan and execute with greater precision in today's digitally enabled marketing environment," Ms. Clarken said.

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