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Rachel Bilson Chases Magnum Ice Cream in Most-Liked New Commercial

But 30-Second Version of Fancy Feast Opus Tops the Chart for Consumer Recall

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If you had asked us a month ago, we might have predicted that no new commercial could ever become so popular as the epic Fancy Feast 60-second spot then ruling Nielsen's chart of the most-liked new ads. It was was just too... much.

But the new champion for April, a commercial for Magnum ice cream, has actually out-charmed it. Its Likeability Index (not to be confused with the Tolerability Index from the A.V. Club section of The Onion) is 176, according to Nielsen, surpassing the 170 Likeability Index earned by Fancy Feast's debut in March.

It can't hurt Magnum that its campaign's star is Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts on Fox's "The O.C." A separate Magnum clip by Karl Lagerfeld and also starring Ms. Bilson is currently racking up views on our Viral Video chart.

A 30-second version of the Fancy Feast opus did win April's chart of ads ranked by recall.

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Nielsen Top Ten Best-Liked New Ads, April 1, 2011 to April 30, 2011
Brand Ad Description Likeability Index
1 Magnum Woman climbs over cars in a traffic jam to get ice cream from a delivery truck (:30) 176
2 Fancy Feast Man builds a room for a cat and has it wear a necklace asking girlfriend to marry him (:30) 157
3 Samsung Smart TV -- Couple on sofa argues and reconciles using web enabled TV (:15) 156
4 Allegra Allegra-D -- Man puts down roof on convertible because now congestion is gone and he can breathe (:15) 145
5 Diet Pepsi Sofia Vergara at beach tweets David Beckham is nearby to cut line for soda; Beckham appears (:30) 139
6 Oreo Fudge Cremes -- Family cannot find words to describe how great new cookies are (:30) 136
7 Honda Civic -- Man tells Mario Andretti about his car; Andretti drives him around a track at high speed (:30) 132
8 Old Navy Dresses -- Boy sings girl a song about how she should wear her dress in the sunlight as her outfit changes (:30) 130
9 Discover Man tells customer service agent that he is canceling his card because he has switched companies (:30) 128
10 Outback Sirloin & Crabcakes -- Family dines under a canoe on the beach (:30) 124
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Fancy Feast: Proposal

Nielsen Top Ten Most-Recalled New Ads, April 1, 2011 to April 30, 2011
Brand Ad Description Recall Index
1 Fancy Feast Man builds a room for a cat and has it wear a necklace asking girlfriend to marry him (:30) 231
2 DiGiorno Pizza and Boneless Wyngz -- Man gives pizza boy back his menus (:30) 208
3 Geico Man on radio show asks gecko if eating grapes in grocery store is stealing or sampling (:30) 199
4 Jell-O Temptations -- Mom tells daughter story of little princess whose things vanish, like her dessert (:30) 193
5 Behr Paint and Primer in One -- Couple works together to paint their home inside and out (:30) 189
6 Walmart Ad Match Guarantee -- Store employees command that competitor's price be matched (:30) 185
7 Cialis Daily Use -- Montage of couples in moments that turn romantic in an instant (:60) 181
8 Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl -- Chris Angel enters a house and "magically" turns a popcorn bag into a bowl (:30) 180
9 Dyson Hand dryer, fan, and vacuum as examples of innovative solutions to problems (:30) 179
10 Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles -- Stacy London takes the pain out of loving stilettos (:15) 178

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