Now It's the NRA vs. The Washington Post

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Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Tuesday, July 18:

Have you released an attack video against your least-favorite media outlet yet? (See No. 3, below.) No? What's taking you? Don't you know that hyper-specific media-bashing videos are all the rage (and I do mean rage) these days? Anyway, let's get started ...

1. So with last night's collapse of the GOP's latest attempt at healthcare reform/Obamacare repeal -- a cornerstone of President Trump's agenda -- let's check in with POTUS to see how he's spinning this.

2. Speaking of spin, CNN has the backstory on the, uh, teamwork behind the collapse:

The Republicans' signature campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare came to a screeching halt Monday night after Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas came together, shocked Capitol Hill and vowed to vote against the latest draft of the GOP's health care bill. ... Lee and Moran were working all day Monday on how they could announce their opposition together. The goal was to avoid being the notorious and definitive third "no" vote, aides told CNN. If they announced together, Moran and Lee could share the heat.

Be sure to read on for details of the meal President Trump and GOP leaders were having -- including "rosemary-grilled rib eye and summer vegetable succotash .. and the 'farm stand peach cobbler'" -- as Lee and Moran were defecting.

3. This, uh, might be a good time for The Washington Post to beef up security at its headquarters and bureaus.

+ USA Today offers some context: "Slogan should be 'Journalism dies at the Washington Post,' NRA says."

+ It's worth noting that some gun owners are not exactly pleased wth the NRA's latest tactic:

4. Hey, who's going to make an angry video about this? "Apple's new emojis include breastfeeding mom, hijabi, bearded man" (subhead: "The new emojis will come to iOS, MacOS and WatchOS later this year"), per CNET.

5. "Netflix is spending more than $6 billion on programming in 2017," per Bloomberg News (via Ad Age). "While most of that reflects shows licensed from big Hollywood studios, the company is now releasing a dizzying array of new shows and movies of its own."

6. "This is the first time a Trump has lied about having a smaller crowd size." --Stephen Colbert, during his "Russia Week" monologue last night, on Donald Trump Jr.'s failure to disclose all the participants at his June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with assorted Russians (ICYMI: "Trump Tower Russia meeting: At least eight people in the room," per CNN).

7. And finally, on last night's "Late Night," Seth Meyers helpfully broke down all the latest on the Donald Trump Jr. scandal in his signature "A Closer Look" segment (starting at the 4:22 mark):

Thanks to Ann-Christine Diaz, Nat Ives, Laurel Wentz and Chen Wu for their roundup suggestions.

Simon Dumenco, aka Media Guy, is an Ad Age editor-at-large. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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