New York Times Print Edition Will Still Exist for 'at Least 10 Years,' Says NYT Co. CEO

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In a CNBC appearance on Monday, New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson discussed the company's recent positive financial results—and also, when pressed, addressed the inevitable moment in the future when the paper discontinues its print edition.

"I believe it's many years in the future," he said. "And by the way ... we think our print product is a wonderful product. We'd love it to survive and thrive as long as it can. I believe that at least 10 years is what we can see in the U.S. for our print product. And we'll decide that ... simply on the economics, when, you know, the print platform continues to make sense. As I say, though, the key thing for us is we're pivoting, so we're not reliant on the print product, and in 2017, we grew the company's total revenue, we grew its profitability, even though the print side of the business is still somewhat challenged."

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