How Are We Supposed to Feel About Vanity Fair's 'Oprah's Trick for Cleaning Up Dog Poop' Video?

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We've got so many questions about this "Oprah's Trick for Cleaning Up Dog Poop" video that Vanity Fair published on its YouTube channel this morning as part of its continuing "Secret Talent Theatre" series. For starters:

• After all the recent "Oprah 2020" talk, does this make Oprah Winfrey even more electable? (A billionaire cleans up her dog's poop? How relatable!)

• Oprah seems to say "shit," twice, at the start of the video, though Vanity Fair bleeps it out, twice. Does that make Oprah seem more presidential—i.e., at least as presidential as Donald "Shithole" Trump?

• Is "I did not bring my own dog poop today" the best line in the video?

• Is gravy really the best you could do for a dog poop stand-in, Vanity Fair?

• Why does the sight of stand-in dog poop getting ladled out of a gravy boat make us so queasy? (The way Oprah somberly says "diarrhea" probably doesn't help.)

• Has anyone before, across all of human history, ever said "This is fantaaaaastic!" or "This excites me" or "Fantaaaaastic! I love it!" while cleaning up dog poop, real or fake?

• Will club soda and dish-washing liquid sales now skyrocket?

• Does this video make glamourous Condé Nast glossy Vanity Fair more relatable?

• As long as you're at it, Vanity Fair, can we get the recipe for the gravy? (Call it "Oprah's Not Dog Poop Gravy"?)

Anyway ... Oprah 2020, y'all!

P.S. Yes, we are choosing to ignore this: "Oprah Had Ruled Out Running for President" (The New York Times, citing InStyle)

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