How to Package Traditional Media to New-Age Marketers

Maybe They Could Borrow Some Sizzle from Silicon Valley

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In my last article for Ad Age , I wrote about how new-media companies were successfully employing very traditional media tactics to gain a larger share of ad spending.

I thought I'd flip that on its head this week, as the tech, media and marketing worlds converge at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

One could argue traditional media too have been too "traditional" in how they pitch themselves, making it too easy for advertisers and others to peg them to the past. Perhaps they've been doing themselves a disservice. What if we relooked at a medium such as radio, using the sizzle employed by the very best of Silicon Valley to promote this 90-year-old advertising medium?

Here's what a sales pitch for radio could look like.

Let me introduce you to a groundbreaking media channel, a medium with the potential to rival Facebook as a new-media darling ...

A powerful mobile medium
This medium is available on just about every mobile device, including those running Android and iPhone operating systems. It is accessible in 100% of today's cars. This medium is a powerful channel to engage very desirable, hard-to-reach and mobile millennials. Its distribution also extends to out-of -home venues including retail outlets, fast-food restaurants, car dealerships and sports venues, making it a powerful medium at point of purchase.

Drives word of mouth
We can incorporate personalized brand messages to our audience to create buzz and word of mouth. We use the credibility of our celebrity announcers to drive the conversation around your brand, retail events and promotional offers. We also will generate consumer participation and engagement via brand-based competitions.

Hyper-local targeting
No need for wasteful national campaigns that can't be customized based on your local retail-store distribution. Our medium gives you the flexibility to target at a hyper-local level. We can also deliver specific localized messaging.

Delivers across multiple platforms
We distribute across broadcast, online and mobile devices. Our medium is always on.

Provides scalable campaigns
Our advertiser promotions can deliver programs across literally millions of consumers in a short period of time. Our medium has a reach of nearly 300 million uniques in the U.S. across a month. That makes this medium bigger than Facebook.

A viable revenue model
We operate a free-content, ad-supported model that ensures high uptake and that our research confirms consumers prefer over a paid-subscription model. Advertiser units provide marketers with 100% control of the message. We also offer advertisers a branded content model. We will work with advertisers to deliver customized content that brands can be integrated with or associate with.

Yes, that 's right, I'm talking about radio ... a unique mobile, hyper-local, multi-platform channel that delivers scalable brand marketing campaigns for advertisers.

Now doesn't that make radio seem just a little more interesting!

Antony Young is the CEO of Mindshare North America, a WPP media strategy and investment agency. He recently published "Brand Media Strategy," a Palgrave MacMillan and Advertising Age publication about integrated communications planning in the Google and Facebook era.
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