Parents Television Council President Alleges Inaccurate V-Chip Ratings

VIDEO: Says Study Finds Up to 80% of Ratings Are Wrong

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NEW YORK ( -- As many as 80% of the V-chip ratings assigned to programs by TV networks are wrong, said Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council. Mr. Winter leveled the charge as part of his remarks March 20 at the Association of National Advertisers' Forum in New York.

The V-chip is a technology standard developed by the Consumer Electronics Association and agreed to by the TV industry. The chip allows parents to block violent, sexual and other inappropriate content from the V-chip-equipped TVs their children watch.

Mr. Winter told the audience the inaccurate ratings were documented in a study his organization had conducted and represented a "fraud by many of the broadcasters and the networks. ... They rate [the programs] inaccurately and that way the V-chip doesn't block the programming."

He told the audience "You're duped. Families are duped. And if the rating system is wrong, the V-chip can't work."

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