Pharrell Is Happy With the Apple Watch (That He Got Before You Did)

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You can't get an Apple Watch yet. But Pharrell can.

The gadget opens for pre-orders this Friday and hits stores on April 24. But on Monday night, Pharrell Williams, the hip-hop producer and impresario, was spotted sporting one (the pricey Edition issue) on NBC's "The Voice," which he co-hosts. He also put out a one-word review of the product to his 4.8 million Instagram followers: "Woah."

Apple has doled out its first wearable product to a select few to drum up attention before its release. The brand has handed them out to fashion periodicals, who slotted the device on model's wrist -- without pay, Apple has insisted -- beginning in October, in Vogue China. Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns has worn the fitness-focused Sport edition for a month and blogged about it for Apple. CEO Tim Cook also sports one out in the wild, most recently at a Duke University basketball game.

But celebrities may be Apple's preferred vehicle for giving the Watch exposure. For one, Apple loves them. The Cupertino brand has slipped earlier products into broadcast TV -- the iPad first appeared on "Modern Family" -- but it tends to rely on manicured marquee ambassadors. Sometimes to its detriment (see: the flat Siri star-studded ads from 2012; Bono).

Google attempted a similar approach for its first wearable, handing out the Glass headwear to model's for a big Vogue spread. You will find very few Google Glasses on Instagram now.

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