The 'Playboy' Voter, Comfortably Mainstream

Not Just Blue, but Red Too

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NEW YORK ( -- Among the soccer moms and "values" voters being courted by candidates as midterm elections approach, Playboy says room must be made for another influential group: "Playboy voters," natch.
The Bunny: America's best hope.
The Bunny: America's best hope.

'America's best hope'
Inspired by a New York Times article that found Playboy readers as easily in red states as in blue ones, the magazine and Sovereign Marketing Research has completed a major survey of the title's audience -- which it calls "America's best hope for a democratic future."

One might not have thunk it; the only poll on, after all, asks readers which position "Columbus cutie Misty Hendricks" should assume on the cover of an upcoming Sexy Girls Next Door special edition.

But Playboy's October issue, reaching newsstands this weekend, argues that its readers occupy a "smarter piece of turf" than advocates of the left or right. Among the findings of its survey: Playboy Republicans oppose bans on gay marriage at almost twice the rate as national Republicans, Playboy voters turned out in 2004 in a higher proportion than the general voting population did, and 72% of respondents would vote for a woman to be president.

'Emphasis on party'
"Because it's Playboy and it's the United States, there's a certain amount of belief in freedom of expression and sort of sexual freedom that we represent," Chris Napolitano, editorial director, said in an interview. "What our readers embrace is the Playboy party platform, with an emphasis on party, and an emphasis on that socially liberal aspect that we're fighting this war on terrorism to preserve."

The survey also shows that advertisers should never be shy about entering Playboy's pages, Mr. Napolitano added. "Marketers can feel comfortable with what we've been saying for a long time: that we're in the mainstream."
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