President-Elect Trump Continues to Refuse to Disclose His Position on 'Gilmore Girls' Reboot

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Just after midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, President-Elect Donald J. Trump released another tweet further clarifying his position on "Saturday Night Live":

The tweet marks Mr. Trump's third negative statement in as many months regarding the NBC show; the first was released Oct. 16 while he was on still on the campaign trail and the second was released Nov. 20 after he won the election.

Though some might argue that the president-elect should be praised for taking a strong position and sticking to it, many observers fear that Mr. Trump is simply using his "SNL" tweets to draw attention away from the fact that he has yet to comment on the Netflix "Gilmore Girls" reboot. Indeed, with less than two months before he comes the nation's TV critic in chief (and, uh, leader of the free world), Mr. Trump continues to remain silent on the four-part series revival that premiered on Netflix on Nov. 25.

Meanwhile, here's the "unwatchable" cold open of this weekend's "SNL":

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