Celebrate President's Day! Be a Patriot and Buy a Mattress!

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Ah, President's Day. The time when all good Americans hail to the chief by purchasing a new car, dining room table or spring-coil mattress.

Around this time each year, local retailers and car dealers break out the limited-time only offers to move the metal and the boxsprings with hard-sell spots, often with clumsy and hilarious results. This year, given the new administration, some are even trying to be intentionally comic.

Here, we look at some of the current crop of President's Day pitches:

Hyundai City apparently could find voice talent for its spot but didn't invest in a wig.

The joke isn't on the president, but told by the presidents in this Monster Transmission spot.

Mattresses for Less in Houston uses the original idea of putting children in costumes to look like famous presidents.

A decidedly more patriotic and touching treatment comes from Murmaid Mattress, although it also offers to help you evade taxes.

This isn't the usual fare: Phoenix Tactical urges you to salute the president by exercising your second ammendment rights.

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