Meredith Takes Online Mixing Bowl Brand to Newsstands

Publisher's Latest Title a Rare Website-Turned-Magazine

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NEW YORK ( -- The latest print magazine reverse-engineered from an online brand may be encouraging for magazine publishers, but the rarity of the approach suggests it's still a tough translation to sell.

Mixing Bowl
Mixing Bowl
Meredith Corp. is introducing Mixing Bowl magazine this week, six months after introducing, a socially minded recipe site meant to get visitors talking to each other. The print edition is a newsstand-only special selling for $4.99.

The view at Meredith is that plenty of people want the print experience enough to pay for it, even when the same content and much more is available free at Mixing Bowl online. "People still love to curl up with their print," said Jeff Myers, VP-general manager at Meredith Special Interest Media.

Fearing their own sites
Many print brands still basically fear their own websites, but there's no worry at Meredith that one Mixing Bowl will cannibalize the other: The magazine's logo includes a prominent ".com" at the end. The company plans a second issue, with advertising next time, to appear next January.

Print editions of digital brands, however, remain pretty unusual. Wedding brand The Knot began as a website -- on America Online in 1996, then on the wider web in 1997 -- and published its first print edition in February 2000. Today The Knot Inc. sells The Knot in print twice a year along with 17 local editions on varying schedules; it also has more limited print versions of The Nest and The Bump.

8020 Media publishes a print edition of JPG that features photography uploaded to, but last year it shut down the print edition of Everywhere, where visitors posted travel photos and information.

MySpace considered introducing a magazine but wound up collaborating for certain "MySpace issues" of Nylon magazine instead.

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