'Real actors. Not people.' Watch Progressive spoof those annoying Chevy ads

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"Real actors. Not people." That's the on-screen message at the start of ... wait, Progressive's new commercial? Yeah.

Now read that again. Unlike those annoying, ubiquitous Chevy ads, which claim to use "Real people. Not actors," Progressive's new spot proudly touts its fakeness.

Just like those annoying, ubiquitous Chevy ads, Progressive's new spot features overly excitable people getting overly excited about stuff.

This is what you might call an affectionate parody (Progressive's Flo appears in it, so it was never going to be too harsh). Unlike, say, the non-affectionate and very funny Chevy "Real people" ad parodies that have racked up millions of views over the years for Ali Shahriari and Dave Irwin's Zebra Corner channel on YouTube. If you haven't yet seen Dave "Mahk" Irwin insert himself into a Chevy ad, well, brace yourself (and maybe wear headphones if you're watching at work, because Mahk is pretty foulmouthed). Here's one from January:

And, bonus, here's a classic from January 2017:

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