Rudy Giuliani's latest cable news performance is something to behold

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So when does Rudy Giuliani get his own reality TV show? Or does he basically already have one, and it's just being meted out piecemeal via his surreal, recurring appearances on cable news shows?

The Trump lawyer showed up on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" Thursday night, and once again did what he apparently does best: cause more damage to his client. On Twitter, "Cuomo Prime Time" shared a key part of the interview that host Chris Cuomo conducted with the former New York City mayor :

As seems to happen these days after every one of this hapless TV appearances, Giuliani once again caused a social media firestorm, with critics across the political spectrum eagerly parsing his words. Here, for instance, is what Joe Walsh, the conservative talk show host and former Republican congressman from Illinois, had to say:

That observation was made countless other ways on Twitter, including:

Cuomo's CNN colleague Jake Tapper was a bit more coy:

Many simply marveled at the spectacle of the interview itself ...

Perhaps most of all, Giuliani's basic competence and, well, mental health were considered as "Rudy Giuliani" almost instantly because a top 10 trending topic on Twitter:

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