We Want to Ruin Our Career the Kate Moss Way

September 'Vanity Fair' Is All-Kate-All-the-Time

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Kate Moss' career was supposed to be over, but the latest Vanity Fair has staged a comeback for her that's pretty hard to ignore. We haven't seen a rehab sold this hard since, well, Martha Stewart.
The terribly underexposed snow queen.
The terribly underexposed snow queen.

After a British newspaper ran front-page photos showing the model partying with lines of cocaine laid out next to her about this time last year, several of the companies that used her as a spokesface, such as Hennes & Mauritz, Burberry and Chanel, dropped her and she scurried off for rehab.

Last year, Vanity Fair put her on the cover shortly after the scandal with a hastily thrown together story, asking What happens to her career now? How can she possibly recover from this? Well now we know. Befriend Graydon Carter.

The Vanity Fair editor chose an image for its September cover that portrays the supermodel as some kind of snow goddess, in a white furry hat, a pair of elbow length gloves, knee-high boots and not much else, all against an icy white background. Somehow, remarkably, a slew of major fashion brands using her in fall ads just happened to be given the most prominent placement in the same issue of Vanity Fair.

Kate is also given extensive editorial play, with an eight-page story and photo spread titled "The Silent Beauty." She's also included as a Hall of Famer on the magazine's International Best Dressed List.
Best Dressed Hall of Famer, P. 337.
Best Dressed Hall of Famer, P. 337.

And that doesn't include all her Conde Nast exposure this fall. The U.K. edition of Vogue is also trumpeting Kate on its cover, featuring her in two editorial spreads and is touting the ads that feature Kate on a slide show on its site. Some of the ads are the same as the ones that appear in Vanity Fair, but others include Stella McCartney, Longchamp, Belstaff and Rimmel.

Here's a look at the Vanity Fair ads.

Calvin Klein has a four-page fold out on the front cover, showing a barebacked Kate.
Two pages later, she appears in a Louis Vuitton spread, a scarf strategically covering her naked torso.
Next up is a two-page spread for Dior, with a fresh-faced Kate wearing a fur coat and sporting an oh-so-carefully lit Dior bag.
Then comes the Burberry ad a few pages later, in which Kate is one of 11 models, but still manages to steal all the focus.
In a David Yurman spread, she lies on a furry rug, naked, except for some bangles on her left wrist.
Versace has a four-page spread, featuring Kate prominently placed among other models.
In case you're wondering how she managed this come back, Vanity Fair explains to us in its own story and eight-page spread on the busy supermodel, "By instinct or design, Moss understands that less is more." Ahhh, but of course.
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