Seth Meyers pre-explained the surprise 'Green Book' Best Picture Oscar

His 'White Savior' movie trailer saw this coming

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Trying to make sense of the surprise Best Picture Oscar for "Green Book" last night? Plenty of publications are serving up analyses this morning, including Vox:

And The New York Times is promoting an essay by Wesley Morris that was actually published on Jan. 27, when the chances of a "Green Book" Best Picture Oscar looked slim:

But perhaps the most vivid take on "Green Book" and its ilk comes in the form of a faux movie trailer (embedded above) from "Late Night With Seth Meyers," which the show released last week in the run-up to the Academy Awards. "White Savior," an announcer intones, has "all the things white people love in movies about racism"—and then the trailer proceeds to dutifully tick off those clichés.

It's a roundabout comedic indictment of what would become the 2019 Best Picture winner as well as its various and sundry predecessors. "White Savior," we hear, is "From the makers of 'Green Book,' 'Hidden Figures,' 'The Help,' 'The Blind Side,' 'Dangerous Minds,' 'Glory,' 'Cool Runnings,' 'Radio,' 'Hardball,' 'Ghosts of Mississippi'..."

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