BBC’s 'Footballers Wive$' Latest to Brand Emery Boards

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NEW YORK ( – Not since Palmolive abandoned its manicurist spokeswoman Madge (“You’re soaking in it!”) have marketers thought to link their product to the emotional bond a woman has with her nails. But now a slew of products are being touted via emery boards, posters, aprons and sampling in Ambient Planet’s network of nationwide nail salons.

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BBC America is the latest to try to bedazzle the beauty set, joining advertisers including Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.’s Orbit, Kraft Foods’ Gummi Savers and Kmart’s women’s apparel. The cable network began last month to dispense full-color emery boards and posters featuring its critically acclaimed ”Footballers Wive$” and its fully manicured lead character Tanya Turner in salons in four of the 25 markets Ambient now offers (a number that will ramp up to 50 by August).

According to Linda Bueno, Ambient sales director, pricing is based on cost-per-venue and depends on the number of markets and salons (with a discount for bulk). And the message certainly lasts for far longer than a 30-second spot, with most women sitting in a salon for at least half an hour and, Ms. Bueno said, “in a generally happy mood because they’re getting their nails done.”

Piggybacking on the relationship women have with their “trusted technician,” she said, also makes the buy worth its weight in gold tips.

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