Slate (and Panoply) Are Moving to Brooklyn

Slate Group Is Leaving Its Old Space in West Village

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Credit: Craig Warga/Bloomberg

Despite the growing concentration of editorial talent in Brooklyn, most New York-based media companies have historically been reluctant to leave Manhattan behind and set up shop across the river.

But The Slate Group is taking the plunge. In April, Slate, the digital magazine, and Panoply, the company's podcasting arm, are moving to a new office space in Metrotech in downtown Brooklyn.

"We're following our staff -- New York's creative class no longer lives in Manhattan," a spokeswoman said in an email.

Slate's new, 21,000-square-foot space will boast four podcast studios for Panoply (up from two), a video studio and enough room for about 128 seats (though only about 100 employees will initially staff the space).

The company currently shares an office with The Washington Post's New York operation, in the West Village. Slate, unlike the Post, was not sold to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2013 -- so it makes sense for the publications to finally part ways.

The Washington Post's New York team is also moving, to a space in the Flatiron District, a spokeswoman there said. The Flatiron is an increasingly popular destination for digital media companies.

Once settled in Brooklyn, Slate will join Vice Media, which has been based in Williamsburg since 2001, and the Awl Network, among other, smaller publications. Time Inc. recently moved 300 or so employees to Brooklyn, although its headquarters remains in Manhattan.

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