'SNL' has a brilliant idea for Bravo: a show that's nothing but Bravo reality show intros

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In this (fake) Bravo promo, which comes to us courtesy of the weekend's "Saturday Night Live," an announcer asks, "Do you love our programming but don't give a 'd' about our storylines? Keep watching for Bravo's newest reality show, 'The Real Intros of Reality Hills.'" Yes, it's a Bravo reality show that's nothing but intros for Bravo reality shows that introduce obnoxious Bravo reality-show characters, such as Chachki ("My husband's a doctor. And my face? All science"), Richard ("You know what they say, you're only as old as your current wife") and Levi ("I'm a real estate mogul who can't read. Line up, ladies!").

"Let's face it," the announcer enthuses, "we barely had storylines anyway. So we cut to the chase!"

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