Even the Sponsors Are Paying for New York Mets' Shabby Play

Broadcasters Use Twisted Tea Sponsor Segment for Odd Complaint

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Photo courtesy of Laukexin.com
Photo courtesy of Laukexin.com

The New York Mets are doing so poorly their last two series, even their sponsors seem to be paying for it.

During Wednesday's Mets broadcast from the Milwaukee Brewers' ball park -- the seventh game in a row dropped by the injury-plagued New York baseball club -- the Mets broadcast team used a sponsor time slot to complain. Not about the fact that routine fielding plays aren't being made. Not about the fact that almost every day another man is added to the growing disabled list.

Nope, they used the Twisted Tea "Twisted but True'" segment to lament the fact that there is no milk for coffee in the press area at Miller Park.

"Wisconsin has more dairy cows per square mile than any other state but the Brewers press dining room uses powdered artificial dairy creamer," read the Twisted but True statement, a bit of copy displayed with the Twisted Tea logo on the screen briefly during quick game breaks.

Normally these interludes involve a team- or history-related tidbit. But the Mets broadcast booth apparently wanted to discuss anything other than what's happening on the field. Turns out Mets play-by-play guy Gary Cohen wasn't happy with the dairy dry spell in the Brewers press mess hall. He told viewers one of his colleagues actually purchased some half-and-half for him yesterday.

But you've gotta wonder whether this is the sort of thing Twisted Tea, owned by Sam Adams maker The Boston Brewing Company, had in mind when they signed on for this sponsorship. Representatives from the company and the Mets weren't available to comment.

Either way, the booze brand may want to consider changing the sponsorship to "Twisted but Kinda Sorta True." According to Statista.com, California actually tops Wisconsin in the milk cow count. In 2014 and 2015, Wisconsin had around 1.3 million compared to California's 1.8 million.

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