How to Monetize Snapchat? Strippers Have It Figured Out

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Credit: Flickr: pestoverde

Snapchat is well-known as the disappearing-message platform with growing users, a huge valuation and very little revenue. But a particular group of users has figured out how to use Snapchat to generate revenue of their own, offering particular videos or pictures in exchange for the company's new Snapcash money-sending feature.

The New York Times pulled the curtains on what Snapcash has wrought:

Strippers and porn stars have started to use Snapchat to send videos and photos of themselves naked for a small fee. Some transactions are as inexpensive as $1 to $5 for a few personalized photos. The prices can reach double digits for personalized sex shows.

Snapchat is trying to fight the practice, the Times reported, but the sex industry has paved the way for "legitimate" businesses before. Why not now? Snapchat's messaging bretheren in Asia have figured out how to sell users virtual stickers and such. And it's not hard to imagine up-and-coming social-media stars experimenting with fees for their latest clips, or even Disney charging $1 for exclusive video tied to the upcoming "Star Wars." Then Snapchat could make not only images disappear, but fanboys' money.

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